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Ayk Business

A New Era in eCommerce!

Powerful e-commerce software that’s everywhere you need it to be,
making your digital business richer with flexible, seamless, and more efficient solutions in the business environment.

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More than just software!

Whether you are launching a new online business or growing an existing one, your success is our priority, and we’ll support you with the technology, expertise, and training you need to succeed.

Ayk Business is an integration of multi-software in your online shop

  • Products Management
  • Orders Management
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Coupons, Discounts and Offers Management
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Booking Solutions
  • Shipping and Delivery System
  • Payment Solutions
  • Reports and Analytics System

Benefits at a Glance

New ideas are great, but the execution is key!


Intuitive, fully responsive interface

Ayk delivers a simpler, more powerful e-commerce experience that goes beyond the traditional e-commerce.



Get Things Done Easily & Quickly

Super readiness with powerful and effective tools for managing, promoting, and evaluating your business.



Super customizable

Can be used for all business cases! One-stop for flexible solutions, powering your business to outperform!



Business Portal

Simplify the e-commerce process, from A to Z!


Get a bird’s eye view in a snap!

Real-time visibility with built-in graphs and charts. Get high-level statistics for your business during a period of time.



Manage orders with fewer clicks

Know where everything stands at a glance, manage your customer orders lifecycle, and get reports in a minute!


New ways to distinguish your products

Whether you're selling goods or providing services, present your products uniquely, manage them seamlessly, and get reports in a minute!



Invest in your greatest assets

Whether you’re identifying your biggest spenders, rewarding loyalty members, or checking your new followers, you need all your customers' data in one place.


Make your marketing more impactful!

Reach your target customers, meet seasonal demand, help move stock, beat the competition at peak times, and inspire customers loyalty; all of these and more via fully integrated marketing tools: Customizable Coupons, Autopilot Discounts, and Flexible Bundles Offers.

Payment & Shipping

 Payment & Shipping

Simplicity, smarter control!

Whether you’re tailoring the delivery to fit your business, switching on the secure payment, or managing your employees' accounts, we provide you with flexibility and scalability you need to thrive without limitations.


Real-time visibility, stay in control!

Track and view transactions, invoices, and bills anytime, anywhere. Streamline accounting and get real-time reports in a minute!



Boosting success with data

Quickly and easily slice and dice your data to get any view you need with built-in and configurable reports. Gain valuable insights for smarter decisions and strategy.


Shop Interface

Seamless customer journey!

Ayk Mall Shop Interface

Harness the Power of Smart Mall!

Ayk Mall store front

Variety of customers. Ample foot traffic. Greater sales potential.

Ayk App Shop Interface

Distinguish Your Brand!

Ayk App store front

Stand out from the competition and make your online business unforgettable.

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Minimum investment, Maximum returns!

Why Ayk Business?

Join the next generation of malls, inspired by the new Onlife experience!

  • Get a powerful online shop with highly customizable tools to fit your needs.
  • Sell different product variations and inspire purchasing by one-of-a-kind product pages.
  • Simplify your online scheduling and booking with our unique solution for offering and selling services.
  • Deliver a seamless and secure checkout experience.
  • Get fully integrated marketing tools: Customizable Coupons, Autopilot Discounts, and Flexible Bundles Offers.
  • Deliver a connected experience via domestic delivery and international shipping.
  • Take ownership of your customers' data.
  • Maximize customer engagement and retention with out-of-the-box hybrid loyalty programs.
  • Gain the insights you need to grow via data analytics and reports.
  • Get a high level of security with AWS end-to-end approach and advanced encryption standards.

Meet with our team.

The options are flexible, so you can find the package that works best for you and your goals.