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Ayk Mall

A New Era in marketplace!

Ayk has created a new model for classifying stores according to its vision to provide a unique shopping experience that takes care of the human being, spiritually, mind and body, and based on the vision of the State of Qatar 2030 and its interest in the health and education sectors, and with the support of companies and entrepreneurs for digital transformation and integration in the world of e-commerce.

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Simple, user-centric experience!

Make your customers' expectations a reality with a fully responsive design for all devices and delightful mobile apps!

Unlimited Shop features at your customers' fingertips.

  • Shop Page
  • Goods Departments
  • Service Departments
  • Product Page
  • Discount Area
  • Shop info & contact
  • Customer Area
  • Ask Shop
  • Ayk Rewards
  • Compare Products
  • Products Reviews
  • Fast Checkout 

Benefits at a Glance

New ideas are great, but the execution is key!


One Stop Shopping

Variety of store and centers.
Retails - Health - Fitness - Education 



Share what you love

Create & Share your smart carts
on your social media 


Daily Gifts & Ayk points

Every day gifts, Unlimited points
from: Orders - Reviews - Shares - Invites



Ayk Mall Shop Interface.

Seamless customer journey!


  Shop Page

State-of-the-art shopfront.

High accessibility to your shop, whether the shoppers prefer browsing or searching. Display product categories, brands, best sellers, and featured products, all from your shop page.

 Product Pages

Awesome. Adapt to your needs.

Engage shoppers with powerful content types, including images, videos, and banners.
Inspire customers to purchase by displaying all details they need, including product variations, description, specification, payment and shipping options.
Customers buy with confidence by ratings and reviews, purchase more by related products.



Seamless. Secure. Faster.

When it comes to online shopping, usability and security is everything! Convert shoppers to customers by a streamlined, secure checkout.

 Ask Shop

Direct. Quick. Reliable.

Shoppers communicate easily with your shop at every step of the journey.


 Ayk Rewards

Many flavors of loyalty.

Whether customers’ membership is silver, gold, or diamond, Ayk inspires them by unlimited rewards to buy frequently, share your shop and products on social, invite more friends, and become a brand advocate by reviews.

 Unlimited Features

At your customers' fingertips.

Create a loyal customer base with unmatched member accounts. Once they log in, members get full access to Ayk's features, including smart carts, loyalty memberships, wishlist, following list, coupons, daily gifts, and more.


Watch video

Minimum investment, Maximum returns!

Why Ayk Mall?

Join the next generation of malls, inspired by the new Onlife experience!

  • Sell different product variations and inspire purchasing by one-of-a-kind product pages.
  • Simplify your online scheduling and booking with our unique solution for offering and selling services.
  • Deliver a seamless and secure checkout experience.
  • Get fully integrated marketing tools: Customizable Coupons, Autopilot Discounts, and Flexible Bundles Offers.
  • Deliver a connected experience via domestic delivery and international shipping.
  • Take ownership of your customers' data.
  • Maximize customer engagement and retention with out-of-the-box hybrid loyalty programs.
  • Gain the insights you need to grow via data analytics and reports.
  • Get a high level of security with AWS end-to-end approach and advanced encryption standards.

Meet with our team.

The options are flexible, so you can find the package that works best for you and your goals.